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Ancient Mantra Naturals Inc. is a Natural & Organic Health and Wellness company located in Vancouver, British Columbia. I am a mom of two young boys aged 4 and 6 years & founder of Ancient Mantra Naturals. The business sort of happened by accident. After the birth of my second baby, I faced lot of health issues including chronic pain, insomnia & anxiety to name a few. I tried a lot of OTC and prescribed medicines but nothing helped. I have bachelor’s degree in Botany and Chemistry and Master’s degree in Chemistry. So I knew the miraculous power of nature in healing and revitalizing. I had studied and tested a lot of essential oils during my course of study. So, I thought of using the essential oils to heal myself. However being a trained chemist I was not able to find the quality I was looking for. So, I sourced some essential oils on my own from different parts of the world. After using them I was totally healed of my pain, insomnia and other health issues.

I gave some samples to my friends and family and I got excellent feedback and everybody asked me to start this business and help others heal using the power of nature. Having worked for more than 15 years in top management positions in Fortune 100 companies like Dell Computers, IBM, FIS Global and Quest Diagnostics I thought this is a perfect opportunity to combine two of my biggest passions and doing good for the society at the same time. This is how Ancient Mantra was started in 2014.
Ancient relates to time early in history and Mantra is a Sanskrit word that comes from the root ‘man’—meaning to think, and ‘tra’—meaning tools or instruments. Therefore the term MANTRA, translates to “instrument of thoughts.” Keeping this our key principle we aim to harnessing the power of nature to improve our health and well-being. That is the ancient way of healing & rejuvenating our bodies.
All the products are 100% Natural, Pure, Chemical free & Preservative free. We use only the purest ingredients in our products.
We spend a tremendous amount of time learning the healing powers of herbal remedies, researching the therapeutic properties of essential oils, and developing our formulations. All products are handcrafted, from scratch, in small batches to uphold our quality and freshness standards.
It’s been very rewarding journey and the positive feedback we receive for all our products keeps us motivated.

We invite you to join the Ancient Mantra family and benefit from our products.

The amount of effort and time we have spent in the pursuit of excellence has not gone unnoticed. Read our great customer reviews here.


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